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  Are you planning to re-enroll with your current health insurance company? Or maybe you’re choosing a health insurance company for the first time?
  Either way, you could pay a lot more for the same health insurance coverage with a large insurance company in 2015.
  But there’s a more affordable option — one that offers significant savings while providing high-quality health insurance coverage.
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  Community Health Alliance is Tennessee’s health insurance CO-OP (Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan) — a private, member-governed health insurance company designed to bring competition and better value to Tennessee residents.
  With a range of benefit options and affordable health plans, Community Health Alliance gives Tennesseeans like you a choice and a voice in their health insurance coverage.
  Find out how much you can save on your health insurance coverage. Contact us for a FREE quote. See if you qualify for financial help. And enroll with Community Health Alliance on November 15.
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